About us


The Contemporary Dance Association of Japan was founded in 1948, just a few years after the World War II to contribute to advancing and popularizing the dance arts, mainly modern/contemporary dance. In 1972, CDAJ was authorized as an incorporated association, in 2014, it became a general incorporated association. Now we have our head quarter in Tokyo and eight branches across Japan with approximately 2,200 members.
We present various kinds of performances toward a wide range of audience, such as ones by younger artists / experienced artists, others by artists from all branches and so on. Some of them are cosponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
In addition, we promote international exchanges, workshops, research and studies, publishing and so on.


Dance professionals of ballet, modern dance and folk dance together established ‘Japan Dance Artists Association’, which was a predecessor of ‘Contemporary Dance Association of JAPAN’, the first union of dance artists in Japan after the World War II.
‘Japan Dance Artists Association’ developed into ‘All Japan Dance Artists Association’ which first president was ISHII Baku.
Some of ballet artist members established and moved to ‘Japan Ballet Association’ separately.
‘All Japan Dance Artists Association’ developed continuously to be subsidized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Then it authorized to ‘Contemporary Dance Association of Japan’ as an incorporated association.
‘Contemporary Dance Association of Japan’ became a general incorporated association under the enforcement of the laws related to the reform of the public-interest corporations system.